Ofer Shepher (owner & winegrower) aboutus
     Ofer Shepher’s interest in the local wine community germinated very early on and continued to resonate within him throughout his college career. Weekend camping trips to the Santa Ynez Valley sparked an unyielding desire to pursue wine. He began his graduate studies at Davis in 2004, which propelled a move to the historic Gnesa Ranch in 2005. From that momemt forward, Ofer’s sole focus was the Sta. Rita Hills appellation, and he spent the next seven years patiently searching for what would prove to be the ideal location to build his dream vineyard and winery.
     As a child, the Shepher family would spend summers in Israel working on a kibbutz. This communal background not
only afforded Ofer a tremendously diverse skill set, it also set the tone for a collaborative work ethic focused predominantly on agriculture. These formative years continue to inform the stewardship of every aspect of the Spear Estate where every stage of the process is given equal priority. The goal is the beauty of the total system where everything and everyone is supported and appreciated. In addition to the Spear Estate, Ofer also continues working i as Senior Vice President of Life Alert, which his family created in 1985. Over the past three decades, this invaluable service has offered safety and protection across the nation, saving a life from a potential catastrophe every 10 minutes. Ofer continues to devote his resources and energy to saving and improving the lives of others.
Greg Brewer (winemaker)
     Greg Brewer has always followed a deliberate arc in his work, where the priority is service, minimizing the insertion of self and the pursuit of refinement. He reveres the repetitive and monastic nature of the craft where the intent and focus shifts the motivation behind the wine from ego towards a place of humility. It is only along this path that the resultant product conveys the sincerity and vulnerability that is his unwavering goal.
     Greg started his career as a French instructor at UC Santa Barbara before being trained in wine production at Santa Barbara Winery starting in 1991. In 1996 he created his eponymous label, Brewer-Clifton, which he still directs and later designed Melville Winery where he worked as winemaker from its inception in 1997 through the end of 2015. He additionally started the Diatom project devoted solely to stainless steel raised Chardonnay, as well as Ch.igai Takaha, which is marketed in Japan.
     The entirety of Greg’s career has been exclusively committed to the Sta. Rita Hills appellation which he helped to map, define and establish in 1997 and has felt privileged to promote around the globe ever since.
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